Irish Oyster Cuisine

The Irish oyster is one of the most significant of our native delicacies and in this absorbing cookbook food writer/broadcaster and home economist Márín Uí Chomáin endows it with love and respect. I know also that Márín – whom I always think of as The Ambassador for The Connemara Gaeltacht – was delighted to be able to have a book published (in part) in her “own language’”. I’ve already added the oyster bisque, the mushroom and oyster fritters and ‘Kevin’s oyster pie’ to my repertoire. The recipes for cooked oysters are no mere cheffy flights of fancy, they really work (I was seduced into cooking them by Walter Pfeiffer’s stylish and appealing photography). The book contains many interesting nuggets of information, evidence of painstaking research throughout. Martin Moran MW supplies sound advice on what to drink with oysters. Plaudits must also go to publishers A.A.& Farmer for endowing the book with good production values, letting the text breathe and the pictures shine forth. Our unanimous choice as Food Book of The Year.

Irish Oyster Cuisine by Márín Uí Chomáin A.& A. Farmer 14.99

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