No more Mr.Nice Guy…

Martin barrelBe warned! The most urbane of meeters’n’greeters, the maitre d’ so silver-tongued he’d make Nat King Cole sound like Johnny Rotten, is a changed man since he got his hands on that bloody big sharp adze.

No more “Ah Mr. Simpkins, how honoured…” – instead a quick flash of the blade and there’s another bit of meat for Ross’ s stockpot.

I found this gem in a collection of pictures featuring notables from the Irish wine and hospitality biz (plus a couple of journalistic hangers-on) during a spot of barrel-making in Hennessy’s caves.  Might be a good idea to avoid any Cognac that includes eau de vie from the 2008 vintage in case they used the barrel we made!

One thing  is for sure, though. The only way to travel is via the LVMH jet. LVMH lunch

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