So it goes…

This week’s decent drinking

“Red Sancerre?”  my dinner guests chorused.

Life’s full of surprises, they thought it was Sauv B, I gave them Pinot Noir. This wine saved the night as yet another two bottles of expensive Aussie red suffered the Ernesto thumbs down for cork taint. No wonder wineries are going over to Stelvin faster than you can say ‘TCA’.

Was the period 1997-2000 a particularly bad period for the cork industry? Did a batch of floor tile grade stuff get sent to the stopper factory by mistake? That’s 3 in a week, out of 12 bottles opened.

dezat-sancerre1Simon and Louis Dezat, fourth generation Loire winemakers, have produced this smart pinot noir, lovely nose combining morello cherries, violets and almonds yielding to joyful red cherry and redcurrant fruit on the palate.It would be hard to find a New Zealand or Chilean equivalent for the same money here in Ireland and impossible to find a Burgundian one. Pinot Noir from the chilly Loire, if this is global warming, bring it on. (only joking, my PC friends!)

André Dezat Sancerre 2006 €18.95, Berry Bos & Rudd.

3 thoughts on “So it goes…”

  1. They must have read your post and expected a rush on it. It’s gone up €3 to €21.95 when I went in to check it out today!

  2. just checked the dead bottle – it had a label stuck on the back with €18.95 on it. Bugger!
    Probably still worth a pop at €21.95 but a lot more competition of course.

  3. I won’t begrudge them the extra €3, drank it at the weekend and would agree it’s excellent. thanks for the reccommendation.

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