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Wanted  to say a huge “thank you” to my coffee supplier, Steve Leighton of Hasbean, UK.

Yesterday I was almost out of “greens”. About 250g of Yemen Mocha Mattar left plus some Ethiopian Sidamo Swiss Water process de-caff which, good as it is, doesn’t give me the jizz that goes hand-in-hand with the flavours.
I’ve been buying from Steve for about 5 years and the quality of his beans is always a given. Even if you don’t roast you should take the opportunity to try some of the beautiful single estate coffees Steve imports – order via the website http://www.hasbean.co.uk

What’s truly amazing though is the service. I ordered 5 x 2kg assorted bags – El Salvador, Brazil, Cuba, Sumatra by e-mail at 11.55am yesterday. They were delivered to my door in Dublin at 10.50 this morning. I’ve just opened the delectable El Salvador Finca La Fany, otherwise known as ‘my life blood’ and the HotProg roaster is warming up as I type.

Thanks, Steve (with whom I have no connection other than as a supplier and presumably,  as a mutual admirer of Niall Quinn).

Cup-and-saucer on the left is a very lovely Wedgwood pattern, my birthday present from a good friend and great food writer, Leslie Williams. Cup on the right is my favourite Villeroy & Boch.