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Dunne's Delights

Alas the Sunday Indo has banged my column for a couple of weeks (it happens to everyone from time to time – usually because an advertiser takes a late page. At the end of the day, revenue is revenue).

This means that by the time I get round to telling you about Dunne’s new influx of wines from Bordeaux the sale could be over.
Here’s the nitty-gritty, just in case:- Dunne’s stores wine supremo Richard Ecock and Consultant Jacinta Delahaye have put in a deal of effort to source good wines from the region. I tasted their selection recently and was impressed by many, most notably Ch.Batailley 2002 (49.99); Ch.Bergat 2004 (39.99); Ch.de Bois Martin 2006 (24.99); Ch.Dubourg 2006 (23.99); Ch. Pontac-Lynch 2003, (23.49); Ch.Haut-Madrac 2005 (19.99); Ch.Lamothe Vincent 2006 (16.99); and a surprisingly classical Dulong Reserve Medoc 2006, a bargain at 8.99. Many wines from Dunne’s Bordeaux selection will be ‘on special’ during the month and I’d recommend you check it out. Lastly, a tip. These wines are not fruit laden ‘quaffers’. If you are a ‘red Bordeaux virgin’, try them with food first.

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