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ON TEST: Two new kitchen gadgets.

Joseph Joseph market a range of kitchen gadgets – from manual lemon squeezers to spud peelers, from the bright and colourful to the downright bizarre-looking. This week forncork availed of the opportunity to test two of them.

The first, and the simpler of the two, falls into the ‘Quite A Good Idea’ category. A round plastic gizmo, available in 3 colours, the Spaghetti Measure has an adjustable diaphragm, based on the principle of a -camera shutter. You simply adjust the click-stop to 1,2, 3, or 4 portions and the aperture adjusts. The spaghetti sizer could be very worthwhile and calorie saving for people like Ernie who says he measures by eye but always tosses in a few extra strands “just in case” and ends up eating the lot!

People with king-size appetites will be reassured to know that the diaphragm has half-stops between 1 and 2 and 3 and 4. The Spaghetti Measure seems well made and durable and is dishwasher safe. It costs €8.95

The other gizmo, the Rotary Peeler is a three bladed peeler/slicer encased in a flat, round plastic shell. Lift up and twist the disc in the centre and you have the instant choice of a conventional potato peeler, a julienne maker, cutting even, narrow strips and a blade that cuts pretty, thin serrated slices of the vegetable of your choice. The spud blade is sharp and keen cuts easily and the slices are not too thick – nothing worse than finding you’ve only got half the potato when you’ve peeled it. The other two blades are handy and should aid presentation, making it easy to create cheffy embellishments.

However, the round shape makes the peeler quite difficult to hold, making peeling a quantity of potatoes an arduous task and we certainly wouldn’t recommend it to people with very small hands. We did like playing with the other two blades. Still, scratch our heads though we might, we couldn’t see the sense in having the three objects in one unless maybe you were camping or caravanning and needed to save drawer space. Except that none of us think we’ll ever be making a julienne in a tent.

Again, the 3-blade peeler seems well made, of sturdy plastic and all 3 blades are stainless steel. Easy to rise under a tap and is also dishwasher friendly,the Joseph Joseph Rotary Peeler costs €14.45.

Joseph Joseph kitchen accessories are stocked by Arnotts, Dublin. There may well be other stockists in Ireland.