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The New Spain

Modern Spain is arguably one of the most significant allies in the wine critic’s fight against the spectre of big brand uniformity. Since Rioja’s fall from grace in the nineties when over-production and unscientific tinkering caused quality to tumble, other regions have emerged, offering exciting wines, frequently made from hitherto unsung grape varieties to titillate palates wearied by Cabernet/Chardonnay overloads. This book provides a compelling introduction to Rias Baixas, Rueda, Campo de Borga, Utiel-Requena, Ribiero del Duero, Bullas, Yecla and the myriad other emergent regions; the vinously minded would be immediately tempted down to their wine merchant for a journey of exploration. A comprehensive, well-researched and important book

The New Spain by John Radford, Mitchell Beazley UK£25

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