The Award Season

The award season is upon us. The Restaurant Association’s Jacob’s Creek-sponsored shindig at The Westin was the usual sociable affair. Trick is to avoid going on to The Palace Bar afterwards with the likes of Peter Caviston and Aidan McManus. I couldn’t this year, the day (and probably the next) would have been wasted and I had shedloads of writing to get through before going on holiday. Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud took the top award. I think there’s a case to be made for giving Patrick a trophy in perpetuity. Guilbaud’s has been a shining inspiration to Irish restaurateurs since it opened its doors in the eighties.

Asheesh Dewan of Chakra/Jaipur was found lamenting the bureaucracy causing a delay in the opening of his new Dundrum diner. It sounds like the Indian chefs are locked up in a warehouse somewhere, awaiting customs clearance. Consolation was to be found in Benny Jacobs of Chakra in Greystones winning the award of restaurant manager of the year.